Thanks so much for a lovely session my lower back is full of warmth now… It was tight and painful when we started.

That was the most wonderful yoga… Thank you so much. Feeling deeply nourished. Deep space. You are the most wonderful yoga teacher. Will be zooming in more! Deep gratitude.

My amazing yoga teacher Jo. She offers really accessible and fun yoga. Lessons are currently through zoom. It's great for your headspace as well as the immense physical benefits. Give it a go people. I cannot recommend it enough x 🧘

Jo created a special hand massage and relaxation class specifically for my disabilities, remained confidential and professional at all times, and gave me new tips to try myself at home.

Jo's yoga is the first time I have felt truly comfortable and confident in trying something new like this. it's accessible, friendly and affordable. Jo has a wealth of knowledge and takes the time to adapt her teaching to yourindividual needs. I cannot recommend her classes enough. I leave feeling physically, mentally and emotionally much healthier. Thank you so so much.

Jo has a unique and special style of teaching. She is warm, calm, funny, friendly and welcoming, all attributes of a great teacher. Jo is “hands-on” to your individual needs, and always ensures you are doing yoga correctly, thus avoiding any injuries. I love her classes, they are fun and feed the mind, body and soul. Thank you Jo. X

I have so enjoyed your yoga. You have such a deep knowledge of the body and with your sensitivity and sense of humour it’s been so delightful!!

I’ve had many yoga teachers over the years but none come close to Jo. She has a unique style of teaching. She is constantly learning new things about how our mind and bodies work and we get this information passed on to us in a way that is exciting and interesting. Our classes are fun too which for me makes all the difference. She is just brilliant.

Jo is a great yoga instructor… her down to earth approach really puts me at ease. Jo is someone who is approachable and inspiring.

I love your classes for the care, attention and interest you bring every time. I’ve learnt so much by moving slowly and listening to my body. My posture has changed dramatically, now instead of slumping I stand tall and feel my body stack instead of fold.

Magic. Magic. Magic. A thousand petals opening with every sentence she says. Soul work. Mind work. Body in peace. Do it.

Jo is a caring, warm and friendly teacher. She pays attention to the individual needs of her clients and is continually advancing her own knowledge of yoga so she can pass on the very best practice through her classes. I have definitely benefited from her teaching and would highly recommend her style of yoga.