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Sound. The vibrations of sound. Sounds in the distance and sounds closer in. The sound of your own heart beating.


Certain parts of the body have more nerve endings, greater sensitivity and therefore are a good place to start. The palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, lips, tongue, genitals.

Certain areas have a greater impact if you try to release and soften them; eyes and ears and the areas around them, the jaw, tongue, belly, pelvic bowl, hands and feet.

So, there is a noticing, observing, feeling, hearing and then, of course, you will lose all of that and the mind will drift off into some narrative, a story – maybe mundane, like what you are going to have for supper. Maybe some life challenge. Then there needs to be are turning, a re-focus on something that is happening in the present moment.

To be honest, I am not sure why meditation is shrouded in such inaccessible mystery; particularly as it is such a useful practice in our crazy modern world. Meditation and mindfulness are really just a paying attention to what is happening in the present, in this moment.

What is happening right now? We get our information through our senses, so it makes sense to check in with them. This is about paying attention. What are the sensations that you are experiencing?

Breath. The movement of the breath in the body, the flaring of the nostrils as you inhale. The expansion of the airways in your throat. The ribcage and within it, the lungs. The belly, rising with the inhale and falling with the exhale. Maybe you can feel the movement of the inhale as a stretching of the skin, or subtler still, an expanding and softening at a cellular level.

Other sensations. Temperature, tingling, vibrating, pulsating, pressure points – where your body touches the something, the sensations of feedback, the contact points.

jo stephens wildyogis meditation image 02

We have done what and how but what about why?

  • Meditation stimulates your para-sympathetic nervous system, your relaxation response. Here is the place of healing, where your body can focus on digestion, immune response, balancing the endocrine system… The list of benefits goes on…
  • It releases tension and holding in the body.
  • Allows for a pausing, calm, de-stress.
  • Less stress and anxiety lead to better relationships, understanding and social functioning.
  • It has helped me to see things in glorious technicolour. There is a depth and wonder and appreciation for our world.
  • Leads away from technology and material possessions towards life, nature, relationships, contentment. Feeling and being not thinking and doing.
  • It has helped me to understand my own emotions and see them for what they are. It has helped me to pause so that my responses are considered and calm.

Be gentle and kind and non-judgemental. The mind will wander, it is what it is designed to do. There is a noticing that you are lost in thought and then a coming back, a returning to what is happening now; the breath, sensations in the body, sounds. It doesn’t matter what. To begin with choose whatever you find easiest.

Know that, every time you do this, the path gets clearer and easier to find. In the end you will barely notice the coming home.

So, this meditation thing is an exploration. It is full of curiosity and inquiry. It is about being open and receptive and accepting.

It is always different because what is happening right now is always different; different sensations, different emotions, sounds and smells. In the background though, the constant rhythm of the breath remains.

I could go on and on but in short meditation rocks on so many levels. Like yoga it is a practice but if you commit, it WILL show you the way to a happier, richer and more fulfilled life…

“Your relaxation sessions are just so wonderful – so kind and caring. Each time I learn something from you. Each time I let go…”
“The meditation made me feel a greater connection to myself and not to sound too weird I felt a love for myself, a kindness, a gentleness.”
“I found my blood pressure went up to a level that required action. Rather than medication my enlightened GP recommended meditation, so I’ve been using the techniques you’ve taught us most mornings. Result?... for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had near perfect readings. So meditation rocks…OMMM!”
“Amazing relaxation session. Felt much calmer afterwards. Jo has a lovely, grounding and calming voice.”