Finding Wellness Retreat in Spain, 18-25th May 2024

Finding Wellness Retreat in Spain

18-25th May 2024 … all levels welcome

There is magic at Dragonfly House. It has seeped into the old stone walls of the beautifully renovated Spanish farmhouse. It rises from the earth under the yoga studio that is nestled amongst the ancient olive trees. And it wraps around you on the yoga platform as you gaze out across the undulating hills to El Torcal national park.

Helen has created a sanctuary here; you feel it the moment you pass through the golden gates. Wandering around the property, there are many places to sit and relax, absorbed by the sounds of nature and the tranquility that encases you. The crystal-clear pool is visited by swallows and, of course, dragonflies. The deck has plenty of shade and yet more incredible vistas.

Each ensuite room has been thoughtfully designed and adorned, your comfort is assured.

The food is exquisite – made with love and laughter. Ani and Chelsea from @sohamseeds have made sure of that. And to add to the healing that spreads through the food; Dragonfly House is now home to an ever-expanding food forest. Mandalas of vegetables protected by olives bringing organic nourishment to the table… Every year my guests ask for the recipes, it’s hardly surprising…

So, the location is stunning, the accommodation is beautiful, the food full of love & goodness…

& the yoga…

I have had the joy of yoga in my life for 30years; the privilege of learning from some wise, insightful and inspiring people… I have pinched what I think are the best bits, then I have explored, played, made stuff up & added a WILDYOGIS tilt & jolliness to the mix. So, it looks like strength work, range of movement, flexibility and flow. An awareness of mind and body that leads to consciousness, creativity & contentment.

I believe in honesty & love – for yourself and others. I also believe in laughter!

My classes are about a holistic wellness, individual care and attention and a collective spirit. Mutual support and respect – with a good dose of intrepid exploration. We tend to move more in the mornings and waffle more in the afternoons - & also it will be tailored to individual need. We finish each day with yoga nidra. Something I found when I was really poorly and couldn’t really move. Nidra is a form of guided meditation that can be transformative for the mind and body. You can read more about it on my blog…

Past retreats have been truly life changing for people. The start of a journey towards self-love and nurture. An awakening of possibilities. I include myself in this…

I would love to share the magic of Dragonfly House, Soham Seeds and WILDYOGIS with you. Please contact me with any questions you might have... Big love JO

Finding wellness – is the focus of this year’s retreat. Wellness in mind, body and spirit. To be truly well we need to consider all areas of our lives. Physically, that looks like a movement practice – one that counters habitual patterns and encompasses strength work as well as flexibility. It looks like massage and other therapeutic treatments that can release trigger points and tension. It needs to include nutrition, detoxification and importantly, rest. Good mental health is intricately linked to our physical health. We need to consider the stories we tell ourselves, learn to speak kindly to ourselves as well as to others; developing quality relationships. Mental wellness is also about exploring interests, expanding knowledge and embracing experiences. Science tells us we have the power to change our mindset, mantras and sankalpas can be incredibly powerful in this journey. We need to learn to turn towards what is positive. Opening to our spirituality in the form of meditation and mindfulness is a keystone to this work. Healing sound journeys, experiential healing and other treatments will be available on retreat. Finding a way to let go of past trauma, allowing what is held to be released and ultimately letting the energy flow is, very much, part of holistic wellness…

Annie’s review:

”The retreat at Dragonfly house was one of the best I've been on and has all the ingredients for the perfect, relaxing week. The only trouble you'll have is you won't want to leave! Here's what I experienced during my 7 days in this little pocket of paradise:

- exceptional yoga teaching that broadened my practice in fun, challenging and unique ways

- a variety of meditation techniques that kept it interesting and mind expanding

- the magic of practising on a crystal gridded yoga deck / yoga studio floor

- as much nature and tranquility as I could have hoped for

- generous and healthy vegan/vegetarian food that was also delicious

- luxury accommodation and facilities with love and attention funnelled into every detail

- a warm-hearted, caring and talented team of women that made me feel truly looked after and relaxed

Thank you, Helen, Jo, Annie, Chelsea and Ro., I'll be back!”


Saturday 18thMay
13.00 – Lunch
15.00 – Welcome and introduction
17.00-18.30 – Gentle yoga practice and meditation
19.00 – Supper

Sunday 19th – Friday 24th May
07.30-09.30 – yoga, mindful movement & meditation/relaxation
09.30/10 – breakfast
11.30-15.00 – activity/treatment (optional)
17.00-18.30 – guided wellness, anatomy, massage techniques, fascia release, de-stress & relaxation…
19.00 – supper

Saturday 25thMay
09.30/10 – breakfast

Wednesday 22nd May will be a free day…

Retreat finishes after breakfast on Saturday 25th

Cost - £1,148

Non-refundable deposit - £350

Ensuite accommodation in twin rooms – single rooms available on request
Unlimited filtered water/tea and coffee
Yoga, mindful movement, meditation
Guided wellness & yoga nidra
Yoga equipment
Use of onsite facilities

Not included:
Flights & transfers
Additional activities & treatments

Finding Wellness Retreat in Spain, 18-25th May 2024
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