An opportunity to explore a little deeper & focus on specific areas and themes. These yoga workshops will help you to deepen your awareness and understanding of your body and mind. The insight you gain will inform both your yoga practice and your daily movement patterns.

Small groups mean individual attention & time to properly explore what is going on for you. 

These workshops are informative and interesting. You will learn and then feel what you learn, ensuring that you can make helpful changes to your movement patterns. Sharing, discussion and jolliness is encouraged. 


I offer a variety of workshops.


The Breath, Psoas, Core and the Diaphragm

You will explore the breath; the role it plays within your yoga practice and the health of your entire being.

Learn about the importance of the principle breathing muscle; the diaphragm. How common holding patterns in the core can restrict it’s movement and lead to health and well-being issues. 

Learn and experience how to maintain pelvic stability and core strength whilst allowing for a wholesome flow of breath. 

Fight or Flight

Know how to counter stress and anxiety.

An examination of the body’s autonomic nervous system. The significance of this response in our modern world and the implications for our mental and physical well-being.

You will learn what to look out for and top tips to to counter anxiety and stress. Fascinating!


Learn how to balance. From your foundation to the help of a friendly giant, this yoga workshop explores top balance tips.

We will also consider proprioception, your awareness of where you are in space and learn exercises to improve it.

The Glutes

Get to know your Glutes…. Where they are, what they look like and what they do… What they feel like when they are switched on.

The gluteus maximus, medius and minimus act as a base of support for the pelvis and hips. These muscles also stabilize your femur in your hip socket, rotate your femur internally and externally, and draw your leg back. All the movements that help us stand, walk and support us when we sit. 

The Neck and Shoulders

This workshop will explore the connection between the head, neck and shoulders. You will learn how to relieve head, neck and shoulder tension. Isolating specific areas & developing awareness using movement. So that you feel the difference when you head is properly supported and your shoulders are able to relax.

You will the look at how to integrate this awareness into day to day life & therefore improve your posture, prevent injury and develop strength. You will be more comfortable as a result.

Pelvis and Spine

How important is the pelvis? Very!

The pelvis connects the top of your body with the bottom. How it moves makes all the difference to the stuff above and below it. That’s pretty much everything.

You will learn what the pelvis looks like and how it moves, using targeted action to improve awareness. We will look at how to increase range of movement and strength and stability in the whole pelvic region. 


I am hoping to be able to run in person yoga workshops soon….