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Yoga nidra, often referred to as yogic sleep, rocks! It rocks on so many levels. If you haven’t tried it…. You are missing out.


I first tried yoga nidra when I was really unwell, Lyme disease. The symptoms were so debilitating that I went from 6-8hrs of physical exercise every day to not being able to sit up. I was told meditation would help; so, I meditated my arse off. To be honest there is not much you can do when you have a headache that lasts for weeks, unrelenting joint pain, a heart that feels like its about to burst forth and so little energy that going to the toilet is an epic journey. I explored meditation (a lot) and found yoga nidra.


What do I like so much about it? Firstly, it is unexpected. I have many years of meditation experience yet yoga nidra took me by surprise. The different parts to it are like a journey; an internal enquiry. There is an unpeeling which leads you deeper and deeper into relaxation. It is clever too, how it works on different levels of awareness. Senses and sensations, emotions and feelings, imagination and visualisation.


Annamaya kosha – food body – physical body of blood, bone, fat and skin. Perceived through the senses. The level of awareness is of the physical plane.


Pranamaya kosha – pranic body – breath energy – the level of awareness of physiological functions like circulation and digestion.


Manomaya kosha – mental body – the layer of awareness of the mental and emotional processes.


Vijnanamaya kosha – psychic body – what we experience during dreaming, out of body experiences. Awareness in the psychic plane.


Anandamaya kosha – the bliss body – this transcends experience. There is a total absence of pleasure and pain. A state where only the fundamental vibrations of the unconscious remain. The deepest expression of yoga nidra, the dimension of total unconsciousness.



Nidra works really well for those of us with chattering minds, who find it hard to rest and stay still. It is faster paced than other meditation styles I have practiced and you are pretty much led all the way through. This makes it more accessible for many. I suspect it would also be a good entry point into meditation as a result.


Yoga nidra is calming for our nervous system, it reduces anxiety and stress. It improves sleep and mental functioning. It helps us with our relationships and how we process emotions. It boosts the digestive, endocrine & the immune system. It leads to greater contentment and well-being…


Neuroscience tells us that 1 hour of yoga nidra is the equivalent to 4 hrs deep sleep. One of the (many) other symptoms I experienced was insomnia. Some nights I did not sleep at all. Yoga nidra saved me. I would just say to myself, its ok just need to do shed loads of nidra. It meant I could vaguely function.


Being so ill made me think hard about lots of things. If I had taken better care of myself, I don’t think I would have got ill. Lyme is only able to take a hold if you already have a compromised immune system. Why didn’t I listen to the tiredness, headaches, constant tummy ache. Why didn’t I do what I advised my friends to do? Rest, nurture myself properly. I always ate well and exercised, I’m a yoga teacher but I failed to give myself time. Time to be, read, rest, meditate. Time for yoga nidra….


Yoga nidra is so accessible. You just need space to lie down. This can be on your bed or you could make a yoga nidra nest. I like to have a heated blanket underneath me, a bolster behind my knees and a cushion for my head. I love a hot water bottle to cuddle and to be covered by a blanket. I have an eye pillow given to me by a dear friend but a scarf would do just as well. You just want to be warm and comfy.


Do yourself a favour try Yoga nidra.


Not a yoga nidra because i haven’t recorded one yet but a relaxation for you….


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