An opportunity to explore a little deeper & focus on specific areas.

Small groups mean individual attention & help to find the right pose for you.

There will be time for questions & discussion, jolliness, a little bit of yoga philosophy and meditation.


  • Saturday September 7th – 10am-1pm – Breath: The Core, Psoas and Diaphragm. At Jevington Village Hall
  • Saturday September 28th – 10am-1pm – Fight or Flight! At Jevington Village Hall.
  • Saturday October 26th – 10am-1pm – Fight or Flight! At Fittleworth Village Hall.


A little bit about the Workshop – FIGHT OR FLIGHT

An examination of the body’s automatic defense response and what it means for us in our world today.

We will look at the physiological changes that take place & their impact on the body & mind.

We will explore the differences between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems & consider ways to return us to the calm.

As always, lots of time for discussion, jolliness & quality snacks.


A little bit about the Workshop – Breath: The Core, Psoas and Diaphragm

An exploration of the breath; the role it plays within our yoga practice and the health of the core.

We will look at the importance of the principle breathing muscle, the diaphragm. Examining common holding patterns in the core and the importance of diaphragmatic free movement.

We will consider how to maintain pelvic stability and core strength whilst allowing for a wholesome flow of breath.  

This workshop is about giving yourself time; to explore your body, time to really feel what is going on. To look at individual holding patterns & examine how you move… & maybe to consider trying to move in a different way or at least to be more mindful in how we move. 

Importantly, there will be tea and quality snacks. Time for sharing, chatting & laughing….