Get upon the mat, it is your friend indeed.
It will help you to move on,
It’s there in times of need.
It is a slow and steady; a constant, loving thing.
Respect its love and power for contentment it will bring…..
And for me I know, there has never been a time,
That I have not felt better on this mat of mine.

I practiced yoga for years before I started to give friends little sequences to address specific problems. I found I enjoyed it; working out the issue and then putting together movements that would help. For 25 years, I have worked alongside physiotherapists supporting people with disabilities. This helped my understanding of anatomy and body mechanics. In July 2016 I enrolled on a Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga teacher training intensive in Spain. And my teaching became official….
I don’t know where I would be without yoga. What a difference it has made to me and my life…. My ability to be patient, understanding and kind – to myself and to others. The acceptance and awareness that, eventually, I found when I practiced. A tool to use when times are tough. The cease of the chattering mind and the joy that can be experienced in the flowing movements……

But its called a practice for a reason. I had to persevere.

My yoga teaching

Practice is not about being perfect, it is about being yourself………Jay Field


I have always loved nature, every bit of it. I believe in respecting everything we share our world with, so that all things can have space to be and breathe. I am a gardener whose focus is wildlife and the provision of habitats for creatures to flourish. I believe that the yoga path/philosophy and a love and respect for the wild are inextricably linked. I have to admit to a bit of tree hugging from time to time, it just feels like the right thing to do…..