Wild Trips: Uganda gorilla Trip

Uganda is one of my favourite countries in the world, it has stunning countryside, friendly people and is stuffed full of wildlife. I first travelled there in search of the magnificent mountain gorillas. I had no idea of the incredible wealth the country had to offer.


The moment you arrive in Entebbe, the charm of the place hits you. Situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, it is a leafy, lazy place to find your feet. We stay at the Airport Guest House. All the rooms here look out onto a beautiful garden, full of flowers and colourful birds. It’s a great place to acclimatise.


One of the wonderful things about Uganda is its huge range of habitats and because it is a relatively small country, these changes happen quickly. The lowland swamp areas around Entebbe are home to the prehistoric looking shoebill. Reached by dug-out canoe, an early morning search for these huge blue birds is truly magical.


Then there is Kibale rainforest, where we trek for chimps; Queen Elizabeth National Park, where open savanna provides a home for elephants, big cats, many different antelope species and much more…. There is the stunning Fort Portal area where hundreds of extinct volcanoes filled with water make up Uganda’s lake district. And then, of course, there is Bwindi. The air in Bwindi forest is so clean it’s exhilarating. You breathe the freshness; it makes you inhale to the very bottom of your lungs. The subtle power, the life force of the trees hits you the moment you enter. And everywhere there is moss, it drips from every bough, clings to the newest of trees. The ferns are enormous, they curl forth competing with the trees for light, they tower over you like huge umbrellas creating dappled shade on the forest floor. All this to a background of insects and birds and the constant babble of the river. The clear water making its way through the stones. There are waterfalls too, moss and ferns hanging improbably from their constantly wet stone sides. And all this before you have even seen the gorillas….


We will meditate in places of beauty, surrounded by nature and stunning landscapes. Where space permits there will be yoga. The wildlife dictates our timetable so meditation/yoga might be as sun rises or later on. There will be a daily practice of some sort.


The accommodation is in a variety of incredible locations from jungle to escarpment. It is good quality, clean and comfortable with wonderfully helpful and happy staff. Dietary requirements catered for…


Groups sizes are small which help make the wildlife encounters unique and rewarding. It also means that everyone gets individual attention should they require it…. These trips are designed to encourage self- development on many levels. Your guides have years of experience in the art of well-being and mindfulness.


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