Wild Trips: Spain trip

Andalucía, yoga, wildlife and hidden gems…..
A magical mooch in the mountain of southern Spain, led by one who used to live there. Daily yoga & meditation is interspersed by wildlife, dramatic scenery and ancient ruins.


The enchanted & eerie landscape that is the limestone karst formation of El Torcal. This geologically stunning nature reserve is home to a wonderful array of fauna and flora. A wash with wild flowers it includes 30 species of orchid. It is also home to the Iberian ibex, the Andalusian wild goat, often seen in silhouette surveying visitors from their vantage points.


The might of the river Guadalhorce cuts through rock to form the breath-taking El Chorro gorge. Walk the Camino del Rey; recently renovated this walkway, pinned along the steep walls of the gorge, gives an eagle eye view of the breath-taking scenery. The whole El Chorro area is beautiful with turquoise lakes bordered by pine trees growing unfeasibly from rocky outcrops. The scent from the wild thyme, sage & rosemary drifts to the nostrils. The bird life here is fantastic, with many birds of prey. Griffon vultures, Peregrines, Short-toed eagles and even, at the right time of year, Egyptian vultures to name a few. This region is also home to Bobastro, tucked away amidst the rocks and pine trees, this 9th century Moorish ruin has something special about it. A spot for some meditation maybe?
Just outside Antequera, a UNESCO world heritage site. The 5000 year old dolmens. These prehistoric burial chambers represent some of the largest and complete megalithic structures in Europe. Antequera also boasts a rather fine 14th century fortress, The Alcazaba is well worth a mooch too.

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