My Yoga Teaching - yoga & meditation

And so to the drifting through life and time,
The gentle observing of this body of mine.
Carefully watching the ripple of the breath,
Turning towards the eternal depth.
Allowing the edge of the mouth to curl,
The inner smile; the oyster’s pearl.
The weight of the body grounding down,
Try to relax the forehead; the frown.
Releasing the face, tension exhale,
Cease the chatter, the myth and the tale.
The ebb and flow, the constant call,
Return to the breath, let yourself fall….
Sinking forever down through the earth,
For this is the place of forgiveness and birth.

A little bit about my style of teaching

I have over 20 years yoga experience. In that time, I have studied lots of different styles and have picked (what I think are) the best bits….

For me, yoga is about ownership and responsibility; mindfulness, acceptance and kindness.

It is about moving in a way that is helpful; being able to tune into your own body and mind and do what is right for you at that particular moment.

As a teacher my aim is to help people do just that. So that my students are empowered to listen to their bodies and move accordingly. Brilliantly, if we approach yoga properly, it is necessarily non-competitive. It just doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or can do. We are all different so what we need to do will be different. Only you know what you are feeling and what feels ok and what doesn’t.

Mostly, people seem to think yoga is about flexibility, it is a bit I guess, but it’s so much more besides. It’s about giving yourself space, in mind and body. It’s about building strength and functional range of movement. It’s about excepting your body’s limits and working with kindness so that progression is steady and safe and useful. It is about working with the body’s nervous system responses and finding an easy path back to relaxation. Yoga encourages you to be present which decreases anxiety and stress.

All of these things help us to function better. They can translate into the real world so that we can remain calm, think clearly, improve decision making, be more efficient, sit & move comfortably, build positive relationships and frankly be more content.

Yoga is a way of life.


My Path

So, back to my teaching…..

I like movement that flows with the breath. I teach progressive movements so there is something for everyone and so students learn that it’s ok to stop. My classes are fun. We laugh. Imagination is encouraged. I like questions.

I work through the body so over the course of a few weeks we look at everything from backs and hips to fingers and toes. We have 360 joints in our bodies, they all need to move and they all need to be strong.

I look at what is going on for people and run my classes accordingly. So, if someone comes in with a shoulder issue and that’s appropriate for the rest of the class, we will look at shoulders.

Ultimately, I like to structure sequences that encourage a smooth transition through poses. The aim is to create an easy flowing rhythmic series of movements which stretch, heal, cleanse and give us space – in the body and in the mind. The breath plays a key role in this…..

Students are encouraged to develop an understanding and awareness of their own bodies. We work with strength, range of movement, flexibility and core stability, all to a backdrop of the breath. We look at how the body works & stress individual sensitivity, so people are directed towards a safe and fulfilling yoga practice.

My own practice is a mix these days. For years, it was Ashtanga but eventually my body needed a more considered approach with a variety of poses that could accommodate the change that comes with age and injury. I like my practice to flow, so I play. I pick postures and movements that feel right for that moment and still maintain a nice rhythm. Recently, I have studied with Cecily @yogadetour and Kathryn Bruni-young @mindfulness strength. I bring all these experiences and awareness to my teaching. Introducing practices to increase strength and functional range of movement. So that what you will learn will translate to what you need to do; day to day. Identifying areas of weakness and targeting them so that you stay mobile and strong.

I teach a range of classes from beginner’s up. I specialize in addressing specific problems and offer a safe, welcoming and jolly class environment…

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now” ……….Goethe


I offer private yoga sessions. People sometimes opt for these because they have an injury or a specific area that they need to work on before they can return to class. Some people want individual attention to develop their yoga practice or work on a particular issue. Private sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions. If required, I can develop a short sequence of postures which can be practiced daily and then added to or altered, as necessary, in weekly sessions.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga has been described as a bridge between yoga and meditation. It is about staying in a posture for a relatively long period of time. Normally between 4 and 6 minutes, though this is dependent on the pose. You should be relaxed. The postures are held in a soft way. It is about yielding, allowance, being receptive, tolerant and gentle.