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MY NEW YOGA STUDIO is ready for action…


You can now book 1-2-1 guided wellness and mindful movement sessions with me in my little studio. It has such a special vibe. I am so delighted with it. You can watch the birds, butterflies and bees on the flowers outside… Please contact me to book your session. 🧡🧡🧡




  • Monday 10-11am – gentle yoga & mindful movement @ Jevington Village Hall
  • Monday pm – 1-2-1 guided wellness & movement/thai yoga massage
  • Monday 6.30-7.45pm – flowing yoga & mindful movement @ Jevington Village Hall
  • Tuesday am – 1-2-1 guided wellness & movement/thai yoga massage
  • Tuesday pm1-2-1 guided wellness & movement/thai yoga massage
  • Tuesday 6-7pm – gentle yoga & mindful movement @ Jevington Village Hall
  • Tuesday 8-45pm – yoga nidra @ zoom
  • Wednesday am & pm – 1-2-1 guided wellness & movement/thai yoga massage
  • Thursday 9.15-10.15am – flowing yoga & mindful movement @ East Dean Village Hall
  • Thursday 10.30-11.30am – gentle yoga & mindful movement @ East Dean Village Hall 
  • Thursday 12-1pm – guided wellness @ East Dean Village Hall 


Please contact me for a code if you wish to join my yoga nidra on zoom. 8 classes – £50

Private zoom classes also available.




Flowing yoga & mindful movement

For people who want a faster-paced class. Movements will be progressive & gauged on class need… A journey through dynamic flowing postures to calm gentle rhythmic movements that soothe & relax. Postures will be progressive so you can do as much or as little as you like… If you want a faster paced class with some more challenging poses but want to move in a kind & helpful way, then this is for you. The aim; to develop healthy breathing and movement practices. To explore, inquire and have fun. There is a 10 min relaxation to finish.

Gentle yoga & mindful movement

A slower-paced class for beginners, people with injuries & those who want a mellow experience. Suitable for all… This is a yoga class for people who are interested in how the body works and the way it is connected. It is accessible & insightful for all. If you haven’t moved much in a while, this will be a great place to start. If you are already active, it will help you to really connect with your body, understand it and enhance your performance.
With gentle rhythmic movements in time with the breath, this class eases you into your day with kindness. It encourages an awareness of the body, so we develop healthy breathing & movement practices. There is a 10 min relaxation to finish.

Guided wellness

How to breathe, move, sleep, relax, detox, balance & meditate. Suitable for all… This class is for you if you want to feel better, physically and mentally. If you want to take control of your own well-being. Maybe you are learning to live with a chronic illness, recovering from surgery or trauma, suffering from anxiety or insomnia. Maybe you are just curious about how your body and mind work. I am fascinated by the new discoveries being made by neuroscience & how simple changes in behaviour can make a massive difference to how we feel & experience the world. I want to share this knowledge & well-being practices with you in this class.




8-8.45pm – yoga nidra – The magic that is yoga nidra. Nidra works well on zoom as all you need to do is be able to hear me. A phone is great.

Yoga nidra, what is it? Often referred to as yogic sleep

I love it. The different parts to it are like a journey; an internal inquiry. There is an un-peeling which leads you deeper and deeper into relaxation. It is clever too, how it works on different levels of awareness. Senses and sensations, emotions and feelings, imagination and visualisation.
How is it good for us? Yoga nidra is calming for our nervous system, it reduces anxiety and stress. It improves sleep and mental functioning. It helps us with our relationships and how we process emotions. It boosts the digestive, endocrine & the immune system. It leads to greater contentment and well-being…
Neuroscience tells us that 1 hour of yoga nidra is the equivalent to 4 hrs deep sleep.

If you would like to try a yoga nidra – pop on over to my vimeo channel for a free nidra.


HOW TO MEDITATE PACKAGE – What I wished someone had told me at the start. The idea of meditation can be a bit daunting. All this talk of clearing your mind….. So, I decided to put together a package that would simplifying things. Hopefully, making meditation in all it’s guises, more accessible. There are three and a half hours of guided meditations, instruction and explanation. You can download, share and keep forever. Yet more guided wellness! There are some free meditation videos on my vimeo channel, so you can try me out before you buy…. Cost £50

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If you would like to purchase HOW TO MEDITATE please contact me 


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Jevington Village Hall
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East Dean Village hall

East Dean and Friston Village Hall
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